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Piano keys w Music Book

  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

  Introduction Program    

As professional musicians with more than 30 years performing, recording in studios, teaching at established music schools since the 1980s e.g. Yamaha Music School, Hammond Music School and for Wendy Low - Early Childhood Music Specialist since 2008 - Pat's Schoolhouse, Maple Bear Schoolhouse, Learning Ladder, etc. we understand the needs and challenges for students of all ages. We strongly believe in the correct fundamentals taught right at the beginning and honing and accumulating the skill set as the student develops at his or her own pace. With our background and certification in both Arts Education Pedagogy as well as Classical and jazz music certification PLUS real world experience as industry standard professionals of 20-30 years recording in professional studios as session musicians as well as performing on CD albums we are more than ready to impart the skills required to gain mastery of the instruments you choose.

  Basic Program    

Starting out the right way is the most important step of a good music education as this would naturally lead you to optimising your skill set.

We believe in creating the environment where the student gains interest from the very 1st Lesson. This is the key to continued good learning practices which will develop the skill set as quickly as the student's ability provides. have a chat with us and we will explain in detail. 

  Yearly Program    

We've designed programs for students interested to pursue certification as well as leisure learning:

Students can be prepared for the following exam certification.

Piano, Flute, Violin, Guitar, Bass, Drums

1. ABRSM Classical - Grades 1 - 8

2 Trinity  - Grades 1 - 8 

3 ABRSM Jazz - Graded 1 - 5 (Presently ABRSM has Jazz exams only to max Grade 5 level)

4. Trinity  Rock n Pop Exams Grades 1- 8

Leisure Performance (No Exams)

Piano, Flute, Guitar, Bass,Drums, Percussion

1. Adult Piano Series 

2. Young Learner Series

  Custom Program   

Should you already have previous music background and want a custom program for your pursuits or special interest - we are here to help design a custom program for you.

Come meet up for a chat - We are listening !

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