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The First Note

"A note by any other name would sound just as sweet" (as long as its played well)

We believe in imparting a good fundamental technique so a learner will develop the ability not just to play the songs that is taught by the teacher but to develop the ability to learn songs on their own with the skill set  that we help you develop.

We believe in the power of music to enrich our lives.


'Music soothes and music heals and music gives us joy and a passion for the arts"

Whether you like Classical, Jazz, Pop, Evergreens, Rock or Blues - we have the know how, the savoir-faire  to get you there.

The Future Sounds Good


Take that path to learning an instrument and the more you learn and develop your skills the more rewards keep accumulating endlessly... 

A skill on a musical instrument opens doors whether it be social recognition or perhaps a secondary career path or just a feeling of achievement it makes life's efforts even more rewarding.

Founder's Notes 

My passion for music began as a child as I was in an environment of music lovers. As a young boy I was given Classical piano lessons and slowly grew to treasure the skill that was imparted to me. My instrument - the piano was like a friend to me and a means of expression especially at that young age when we are just developing our self confidence and social skills. Music can be a lifelong skill not just a short term interest or hobby as the knowledge and skills apply to everyday life..

Boni de Souza - M.A. Arts Pedagogy & Practice (La Salle College)

Specialist Dip Arts Education (National Institute of Education NIE)

Certified ABRSM Classical Piano / Jazz Piano /Classical Guitar)

 Boni de Souza  

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Tel: 62510080| Mobile: 85330318

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